Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Squirrel Balance Game

Squirrel Balance

It isn't a surprise, the squirrels are always hungry and there, they continue to take risks for a few berries and nuts. To be bigger, they walk in balance and it is not so simple.

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Play Primp My Toenails

Primp My Toenails

Linda is going to a party tonight and she would like to look perfect from head to toes. Therefore she comes to your nail salon for a pedicure. Please help her primp her toenails and feet with these beautiful nail polish, decals, tattoos and rings. Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steak and Jake

Steak and Jake Game

Help Steak and his bird buddy Jake avoid the problems they appear to get themselves into.

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Escape from the Ladies Room Game

Escape from the Ladies Room Game

Please escape yourself before anybody finds out where you got stuck. Best of luck and have fun!

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Vehicle Tower Defense 3

Play Vehicle Tower Defense 3

Defend against the incoming wves of vehicles. Place your towers and upgrade them. Watch out for those UFOs!

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Myth Wars

Myth Wars Game

Send your units to the opposite side to crush the enemy castle. Use units sparingly.

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Play BeatTheGeek Tower Defence

Play BeatTheGeek Tower Defence

BeatTheGeek Tower Defence is a tower defense game in which you need to place towers in order to prevent incoming waves reaching the exit point.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Play Carnival Shooutout

Play Carnival Shooutout

Test out your sharp shooting skills in the supreme carnival shooting game 'Carnival Shootout'.

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The Budget Invasion

The Budget Invasion Game

Invade the earth on a budget. Utilize what ever means to wipe out all of soldiers.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Aerobatics Game

Play Aerobatics

Drive your airplane to perform the very best performance of aerobatics. There is a different task waiting for you in every level. Try to finish all of them and prove to the world that you are the best aerobatics pilot.

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Summer Beach Fashion Game

Summer Beach Fashion Game

Monica spends amazing days on the tropic island with alot of friends and fashion trends! This natural and dream beach deserves stylish beach suits and accessories. Dress her up before she poses before the camera.

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Star Girl Dressup Game

Play Star Girl Dressup

Dressup this girl to look like a star.

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Play Golden Boy

Golden Boy Game

On an early morning in a small village a child is born. It turns out that this isn’t a normal child, rather one with mysterious powers! A couple of years after the birth of the child, his parents discover that this is a really special child. His nickname then becomes GoldenBoy. This rumour spreads through the village and even reaches the scary Skulltree castle. Skulltree is a village where only offenders live. Many of the inhabitants there have kidnapped the child and locked him up in the cellar at Skulltree castle. The child is sitting on his haunches, alone. It is an incredibly difficult time for him. Slowly his anger begins to build.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bike Champ 2 Game

Bike Champ 2

Bike Champ has returned and revving to go in this all brand new nitro powered sequel. Once more physics-based motorcycle madness is the order of the day.

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Play Grow Valley

Grow Valley

You'll find seven panels, normal ending plus secret ending. Click panels in your selected order. Stuff you click will grow and grow with each turn. You'll complete the game when all panels' level is max. They effect each other as they grow. Therefore you have to think about the clicking order.

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Dazzling Bridesmaids

Dazzling Bridesmaids Game

Such a wonderful day! This gorgeous baby sitter will take this sweet baby out for a walk. Please dress them up before they get going. Enjoy yourself! These 2 bridesmaids sure look lovely as can be at their best friends' wedding: all dolled up in their elegant dresses, sophisticated hairstyles and pretty accessories. Add your personal touch to their clothes and make sure they look excellent.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Download Caelum

Download Caelum

Humankind has used up all of the world's energy! Fortunately for them space is filled with energy orbs ready to be harnessed by ROB!

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Artist Dress Up

Artist Dress Up

Click and drag clothing items onto the artist to create a really crafty look!

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Play Hollywood Star Wash

Play Hollywood Star Wash

Suzy happily ran her very own small laundry for the last few years until the big 'Studio Street Laundries' opened a new store right next to her! Don't let this horrible competition bring her laundry down, it is time to work and buy a few fancy upgrades for her store!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Crash Test Launcher Game

Crash Test Launcher

Launch your crash test dummy through several stages. Upgrades contain faster cars, jetpacks, armors and more. How far can you launch your dummy?

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Night Roti Stall

Night Roti Stall

You are the owner of a roti stall and you should start cooking now. Enjoy yourself.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pit Walker 2 Game

Pit Walker 2

Shoot your way through the pits of evil as hordes of weapon-yielding foes attempt to take you down!

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Buggy Craze Game

Buggy Craze

Drive your buggy over the greyish hills as you get air and pick up stars and gems, and avoid red Xs.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bella's Masquerade

Bella's Masquerade

Bella and her boyfriend are invited to the very best masquerade in the city and they want a charming style in this crazy event. They need your help to catch the most recent fashion and disguise into a character.

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Red Cross

Red Cross

Ride your bike slowly and cautiously as you manage the terrain.

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Play Adventure in Pond

Adventure in Pond Game

A tadpole was lost in the pond. Make sure you finish this exciting adventure and help him get back home. Watch out the obstacles and grab useful tools to help him get through. Enjoy the fun!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tombs of Anubis

Play Tombs of Anubis

Kill Anubis and his army of mummies by taking snap shots of them with your video camera. Collect the snap shots to finish each level but be quick, take too long and the mummies come back to life angrier and hungry for revenge!

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Play The Portal

The Portal

Turn and move around the rooms as you pick-up items to assist you along your escape.

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The Farmer's Flower

Play The Farmer's Flower

Fire your dart as you pop the right bubbles to water the flowers. Stay away from black bubbles!

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Epic Combo

Epic Combo

Create the largest combo you possibly can as you buy and place items to help kill the turtles.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nicole Adventures in Egypt

Play Nicole Adventures in Egypt

Find all hidden objects and solve puzzles to finish this cool puzzle game. Best of luck and enjoy yourself!

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Reading School Girl Dress Up

Play Reading School Girl Dress Up

This cute young lady enjoys reading so much that she wouldn't even waste a single minute on the bus as well as in the library. Please dress-up this hard-working young lady with these gorgeous clothes. Enjoy!

Play the game Reading School Girl Dress Up

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Download Astro Bugz Revenge Game

Download Astro Bugz Revenge

Protect our solar system from Astro Bugz in this Marble Popper game! Blow up the bugz and help save the day in Astro Bugz Revenge!

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Exorcist Game

Download Exorcist Game

Garret Ghostfighter was born with the gift of having the ability to see demons! Assist him use his gift to defeat the wicked Mephisto!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Switch

Play My Switch

Move your controller orbs to align the lasers to pass through every good objects and avoid bad objects.

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Chime Spirits

Chime Spirits Game

Help a mysterious Chime Spirit restore harmony to the universe in this imaginative, interesting, and exciting Match 3 game!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Play Strange New World

Play Strange New World

Try to find the differences in this amazing find the differences game which contains nine levels.

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Snark Busters Welcome to the Club

Download Snark Busters Welcome to the Club

Join Kira Robertson as she sets out to find the Snark, an elusive monster few people have seen and no one has caught!

Play the game Download Snark Busters Welcome to the Club

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Street Speed Game

Street Speed Game

Street Speed is a high octane, action loaded racer which will make your heart rate jump.

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Play Hide Caesar 2

Hide Caesar 2 Game

Go back to Rome for a new series of physics based puzzles!

Play the game Hide Caesar 2 Game Online

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Download Shaolin Mystery Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff

Shaolin Mystery Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff

Travel all over ancient China and assist Yu as she searches for the mythological Jade Dragon Staff. Save your mistakenly jailed friend!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Play Dragon Mahjong

Dragon Mahjong Game

Match pairs of similar tiles to remove them from the board and reveal the tiles under them.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cookie Defence Game

Cookie Defence Game

Birds are attacking to your house to steal your tasty cookies. Stop them at all cost!

Have fun with Cookie Defence

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Give Up Robot Game

Give Up Robot Game

Jump, grapple, and swing your way through 50 levels of puzzle platforming disco insanity.

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Play Wedding Dash 4-Ever

Wedding Dash 4-Ever

Get ready for another wedding ceremony season with Quinn! Program the ultimate wedding in Wedding Dash 4 Ever, a fast-paced Time Management game.

Have fun with Download Wedding Dash 4-Ever Online

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Play Quiet Magic 2

Quiet Magic 2 Game

Amy is about a cast a magic spell but if only the professor was not around! You can assist her try harmful magic spells but you should avoid the professor simply by clicking on the books whenever he appears.

Play the game Play Quiet Magic 2 Online

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Play Escape the 13th Floor

Play Escape the 13th Floor

While walking home late one night, a car stopped and you heard a weird voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember. Good luck and have fun!

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Play Space Oddity 2

Play Space Oddity 2

In this game you must search for objects and clues to escape the space station. Best of luck and have fun!

Play the game Play Space Oddity 2 Online

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Bike Adventure

Bike Adventure

Ride your bike over the graphically enhanced terrain. Try to grab all of the coins on each level.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Play Streemerz

Streemerz is a retro looking action game of grappling over obstacles to reach the exit.

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